Hello Mrs. Ladybird! Ladybugs, Easter leuze, ground squirrels, daisies, field mice, dandelions, butterflies, coltsfoot, bumblebees, yarrow, bees, meadow bluebells ... 

That and much more grows, creeps and flies in our vineyards. For this reason alone, the switch to organic and, in 2016, to biodynamic viticulture was worth it. Above all, we are always concerned with the quality of our wines and our attitude towards life. The incentive was to make it even better and livelier through this original way of working. And it works!

But here is perhaps the most important of all mainsprings:
We don't want harmful chemistry. Not in the air, not in food and not in wine. For the sake of our children, our employees and ourselves. Biodynamic as a logical consequence.

We respect biodyn!

Because the name says it all! We have been a proud member of the biodynamic winemaking group since 2016 respect-BIODYN. 2017 is our first certified vintage.

And why the group respect-BIODYN? Because the exchange with colleagues - all friends with a similar philosophy of life - and learning together are important to us. Together for the ideal wine!